Invasive species in a changing world: are we asking the right questions?

A workshop for delegates of EcoTas13, the joint conference of the Ecological Society of Australia and New Zealand EcologicalSociety (Friday 29 November 9.00am – 12.30pm, Auckland)

Facilitated by Monica Gruber (Victoria University of Wellington) and Ben Gooden (University of Wollongong).

Invasive species and climate change are two of the three greatest threats to biodiversity, and are therefore at the forefront of basic and applied ecological research priorities. The purpose of the workshop is to evaluate how well current research actually matches research needs. Are we asking (and answering) the right questions? This workshop complements the symposium “Invasive species in a changing world: theoretical and applied perspectives”. Like the symposium our focus is broad and encompasses diverse biota and approaches. We plan to focus on research in island and mainland systems in the Indo-Pacific region. We will begin the workshop by presenting a review of a meta-analysis on current invasive species research. Following this review we will break up into smaller groups to discuss this research direction, evaluate its strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and define a set of priorities for future research. After that we will reconvene and come up with some sort of consensus. We envisage that the outcome of the workshop, together with the meta-analysis will form the basis of a publication.


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